Majestic’s restaurant

The restaurant is located on Majestic Hotel, one of the most traditional hotels in Águas de Lindóia, requested by celebrities and internationals companies to make events. The restaurant offers a wide variety of national and international food, it has two chiefs: Marcos and Carlos. They both use their culinary expertise to create an amalgam of French and Italian food. The result of this fusion is a food that is really tasty and sophisticated.

Its traditional ambient makes you feel at home, and it has a sparkling view of Vicente Rizzo square, a “full of green” square in front of the Hotel. The restaurant offers breakfast, lunch and dinner, and it’s open for everybody (have to make a reservation), not only for hotels customers, and it is cost attractive.

Suggestions: shrimp with grapes, and apricot crepe

Breakfast: 7:00-10am
Lunch: 12:00-2pm
Dinner: 7:00-9pm

More information:

Praça Dr. Vicente Rizzo, 160 – Aguas de Lindóia- SP
CEP 13940-000 Fones: (19) 3824-1811 – Fax: (19) 3824-4566
E-mail: RESERVAS São Paulo (11) 3672-2955 – Fax: (11) 3865-7010.

hotel21.jpg hotel11.jpg


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